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Dealt with Shane. Everything went completely smooth. Excellent person to deal with and set up a continuing relationship in another field. Great experience


a month ago

Have been car shopping for the last month or so, always had trouble trusting the sales guys but did not have that problem with Danny. He was honest and upfront about the good and the bad, that is exactly what you need when purchasing a car. They have a good selection of luxury cars and also a mechanic shop on site for any future maintenance. Made the final decision to go with a Mercedes truck for my wife, so far so good!

Don Kinsley

3 months ago

Bought a Model X from Danny at Premium Cars and I was very surprised at the quality of service and professionalism. They where able to answer all my questions about owning an electric vehicle. Danny taught me how to use all the bells and whistles and also told me about the risks and things to look out for. I would highly recommend Premium cars for high end vehicles as they seem to have a bunch.

Reno Home

4 months ago

We have the third child who was recently born so I need a van. I choose Danny. He gave me a good trading price and a good price for the new car. He is a honest and professional guy. It was a very good experience for me.

Wei Bin Su

a year ago

My first comment will be this, other dealerships could learn from Danny @ Premium Cars Wholesale Ltd. I've owned my share of luxury vehicles and although I have now built a rapport with my local proprietary dealership, that wasn't always the case. I do not dress up to go car shopping, I'll purposely wear sneakers and a T-shirt. The unfortunate result of that is, you'll most likely get ignored in these premium luxury dealerships. When we went to see Danny, as soon as we walked in the door, he was already sitting with another client, but he did make a point to greet us the moment we stepped in, ...and I was even wearing a tank top that day. Even better, when you actually speak with him, there's no BS comments like, "I knew you were a smart guy when you walked in the door." You are spoken to like a friend trying help you on making a purchase. The best part, he actually laughed and got my jokes. Getting to the Mercedes-Benz GLS450 we just purchased from Danny, I must say, my wife had actually found this so she takes the cake but right away when I saw the low mileage and being a 2017 model along with how loaded it was in the ad, I thought there was something just not right. The price was lower than what you would find at other proprietary dealerships that had similar vehicles but with even higher mileage and older. After doing our due diligence on the vehicle it all pans out. Wow, great deal! I'll be seeing Danny when i'm ready to give up my Audi.

Ray Chan

a year ago

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